From the Ground Up

HMK Link’s network covers all areas of aviation operational needs

From ground crew technicians and engineers to seasoned ex-military pilots and flight staff, HMK Link’s pool of aviation experts and professionals, is able to provide you with the resources you need for a modern, updated air fleet.

A Depth of Experience

HMK Link has the knowledge you’ll need to expand or optimize your fleets

Expanding and optimizing your fleet requires counselors with demonstrated success in the specific technical and strategic domains that meet your needs. HMK Link partners you with the right knowledge experts who will provide the solid ground from which you grow.

The Largest Network of Aviation Professionals in the World

Currently boasting over 11,000 members, and continuing to grow daily, the International Aircraft Engine Association is by far the largest network of aviation experts and professionals in the world. Comprising of a wide variety of aerospace professions and spanning all types of experience levels, the network is a rich and active community from which we are able to source the right human solutions to a range of different aviation needs.

Developing your Crew

HMK Link will train your service members on aircrafts and equipment

New aircraft and equipment require that your service members acquire new skills and knowledge. HMK Link provides the best international trainers for the knowledge transfer you need to meet your strategic goals.

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